I'm Georgy Buranov, a Senior Lead Engineer.

I am currently living in Berlin, Germany. I love programming, travelling and sports.

Besides that, I often go to various meetups and conferences. Learning and structuring are my passions and probably the main reason why I am developer.

I am quite comfortable with many languages, especially Go, Ruby and C++. I got an extensive experience with With C++ (more than 12 years), but I’ve been using Go/Ruby for more than 6 years, and I’m more than happy.

I like microservice approach and will try to use if it’s applicable. Therefore, I do care about infrastructure and familiar with Docker, Puppet, Kubernetes, etc.

I think good microservice architecture cannot exist without proper monitoring. So, I know InfluxDb, Prometheus, Kapacitor, Kibana, ELK, etc.

In my free time, I try to contribute to opensource. You can see the list of my contributions.

I also try to write technical blog when I have time for it,

My CV is available here

Contact me at gburanov@gmail.com.